3'6" Stock whip

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For strength, durability and balance nothing beats these hard working cowhide whips. They are an ideal whip for the stockman or the amateur, and they're suitable for daily use with a minimum of care. These work whips are second to none and are made with the same care and attention to detail as the kangaroo hide whips. They fall well, crack well and with wider strands than a roo hide whip, are tough and strong. Many an hour working with this style of whip and find them comfortable and long lasting.

With suitable supervision these are a great way to start the kids whip cracking. They have a Turk's head only on the end of the handle with a thong made of of around 3’ 6" and are excellent value.
How long a whip lasts depends on how well it is made, where you use it, and how you look after it. Misuse, abuse, manure and gravel are all natural enemies of your whip. Please look after your whip as the best whip in the world will last no time at all if it is not looked after. Whips will literally last a lifetime of the toughest outdoor use, if carefully maintained. With such an investment in one whip you owe it to yourself to take the very best care possible of your whip.

To prolong your whips’ life try not to get the whip too wet as it will become brittle and rot when it dries out. Always keep it well oiled, any good leather dressing will do. If possible, try to avoid straight neatsfoot oil as this substance has a tendency to swell the fibers of the leather and cause them to become weaker.