Mane-ly Polisher 32oz

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Unlock tangles quickly and prevent tangles and dreadlocks from returning; “Tangle Free Hair” is possible! This easy to use Detangler helps maintain Healthy Hair, keeping  it Silkier, Smoother with Shine too!  Leave in Long Lasting Formula that strengthens new hair growth while preventing dryness and preventing breakage. An application will protect from the elements for days. Formulated with Keratin Amino Acids, Panthenol B5, layered with water and non water soluble quality silicones(no alcohol, no solvents.) Use year round.

  1. -Formulated for Horses, Dogs and People too!  
  2. -Mane –  Tail – Forelock – Feather
  3. -Reduces grooming time!           
  4. -Repels dust, dirt, and burrs
  5. -Will not Freeze, great for winter care
  6. -Strengthens, Prevents and Protects
  7.  -Leave in  Long Lasting formula can be used dirty dry, wet clean
  8. -Lasts 3-5 xs longer than any other product  
  9. -Luxurious hair with no residue
  10. -IT WORKS!